We, along with our four children, live just outside of Fort Collins, Colorado. Jodi was raised in Illinois, but grew up spending summers in the hills of West Virginia. Her favorite memories were homemade biscuits and gravy every morning, swinging on the front porch swing listening to her family play instruments and sing old hymns, and playing and fishing in the creek out front. Keith was born and raised in Colorado, where he spent his childhood coming along side his family of builders and crafters. He only left Colorado for the four years he spent in the Navy. We share a love for bluegrass music, the mountains, and all things outdoors. We are passionate about helping others. 

Ol' Blue for us is about the reminder to take a moment to enjoy the simple things. It's about slowing down and appreciating your life. It's about chasing fireflies, camping under the stars, dancing in the rain, and laughing with friends as you feel the grass between your toes. It's about appreciating the small moments, like savoring the hand-crafted cup of coffee you just made from freshly ground beans.