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1.2 L Pour Over Coffee Kettle and Pour Over Coffee Dripper available now! Click  HERE  to purchse!

1.2 L Pour Over Coffee Kettle and Pour Over Coffee Dripper available now! Click HERE to purchse!

Got Bitterness??? We can help!
All it takes is the right amount of water, brought to the perfect brewing
temperature in your Ol’ Blue coffee kettle, combined with the
right amount of your favorite coffee.
 By choosing pour over coffee you can cut the bitterness
out of your life and enjoy a smooth, delicious cup of coffee with every brew!


1.2 L

  • OL' BLUE POUR OVER KETTLE W/GLASS LID; Discover the savory goodness of pour over coffee and make the best tasting coffee at home. Our gooseneck kettle is crafted with the highest quality materials to the highest standards and includes a tight-fitting glass lid which helps prevent spillage when pouring. No need for the loud whistling sound other kettles have. Within the time you grind your beans and get your cup ready, the water will be just about ready. You can watch the progress through the glass lid. Our kettle makes a great tea kettle as well! Be sure to check our blog or Instagram @olbluegoods for the temperatures recommended for the different types of teas.
  • GOOSENECK SPOUT; Precision is important for great hand crafted pour over coffee. The design of our gooseneck kettle gives you the best control of water flow and location which is important for a balanced saturation and ensures an even, consistent extraction of your fresh ground coffee beans. The results are an improved flavor and aroma of your coffee brew.
  • BUILT IN THERMOMETER; Brewing at the right temperature is key to extracting the best flavor from your drip coffee or tea. Water that is too hot will scorch your brew and leave a bitter taste. If it’s too cold, you won’t extract that full flavor you crave. Our accurate thermometer helps you heat water to the correct temperature every time taking the guessing out of the process.
  • GOOD STUFF MEANS GREAT QUALITY; We use premium 18/8 stainless steel which means our kettle is resistant to corrosion. Our manufacturing process includes laser welding and double seaming which makes our kettle durable and leak resistant. It’s built to be used on any stove top, including ceramic, electric, gas, halogen, and induction.

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1-2 Cup

  • PAPERLESS, DURABLE, AND ECO FRIENDLY; An essential tool for crafting a delicious, smooth cup of coffee; Our reusable mesh filter pour over coffee maker is made of 18/8 quality stainless steel making it resistant to corrosion, plus it won’t absorb coffee flavors like paper; Our pour over coffee dripper is durable, so it won’t break like ceramic or glass;
  • STAND ALONE DESIGN; This compact and lightweight coffee dripper fits perfectly on most cups and travel mugs making it portable for camping, traveling, or easy storage at home; It’s great for crafting a single cup or two at a time; The cone shape and mesh design of Ol’ Blue’s Pourover Dripper will help you get the same great results consistently every time; Our dripper is a great addition to your coffee pour over set;
  • POUR OVER SIMPLICITY; Pour over is easy with this coffee brewer; First, pour warm water into the dripper to get it primed for brewing, then add enough fresh coffee grounds for the strength you desire (we recommend filling it half full to start); To finish, continue to pour more water in a spiral pattern to brew; ENJOY!
  • EASY TO CLEAN; Our dripper is not only easy to store, it is also easy to clean; Simply rinse and dry immediately when finished using; we recommend putting it in the dishwasher for an extra clean wash once a week or every other week to avoid any issues with potential clogging;

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Satisfaction Guarantee; Your happiness is our top priority; Both products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and 1 year replacement warranty.